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Albaniens Udenrigsministerium

Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Albania


Information in English

Consular information


It is not possible to apply for a Danish passport in Albania. Please contact the Danish Embassy in Vienna. Danmark i Østrig (um.dk)


If you wish to travel to Denmark, you should inquire whether you will need a visa. In the affirmative, make sure to file an application in due time.
Danish Visa Rules 

Residence and Work Permits

Detailed information about the rules governing residence (stays exceeding 3 months) and/or work permits for Denmark and information about the necessary documentation to be handed in together with your application can be found on the website of the Danish Immigration Service.

Residence and Work Permits

Commercial information

Commercial activities in Albania are handled by the Trade Council at the Danish Embassy in Croatia.

Danish companies are very welcome to contact the Trade Council at the Danish Embassy in Zagreb for further information. 
 Albania is part of the Trade Council Central Europe and the Balkans regional cooperation.

For more information, please go to http://kroatien.um.dk/en